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My, my…

    Well, this should cause more then a few hair pulling sessions amongst the political punditry. The 2008 Republican Iowa Primary is in the books and, barring a really amazing and unheard of comeback, it didn’t go to either Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney. No sir, it went to Mike Huckabee with a commanding lead of (at the time of this writing) 9%. As a matter of fact, while Romney managed to come in second, Giuliani came in 6th place.   



Mike Huckabee 39,814 34% 30
Mitt Romney 29,405 25% 7
Fred Thompson 15,521 13% 0
John McCain 15,248 13% 0
Ron Paul 11,598 10% 0
Rudy Giuliani 4,013 3% 0
Duncan Hunter 515 0% 0
96% of precincts reporting

    Fox News must be so depressed right now. Hopefully, Alan Colmes is keeping Sean Hannity away from any sharp objects and window ledges. ~8?) 

   The Democrats are having a more interesting race.  



Barack Obama 940 38% 16
John Edwards 744 30% 14
Hillary Clinton 737 29% 15
Bill Richardson 53 2% 0
Joe Biden 23 1% 0
Uncommitted 3 0%
Chris Dodd 1 0% 0
Mike Gravel 0 0% 0
Dennis Kucinich 0 0% 0
100% of precincts reporting

   Obama is the projected winner on the left side of the fence, but his lead isn’t anywhere near what he or his supporters would have liked to have seen. The big fun in this one isn’t so much that Obama won, but rather that Obama and Edwards have beat Hillary. This has to be a huge blow to the Clinton camp. Some of the momentum that she had in some quarters was her appearance of destiny. She was going to be the winner because she was going to be the winner. That has been crumbling somewhat of late to Obama’s gains, but losing to Obama and Edwards both must surely destroy that façade in the minds of many.

     There’s also a nice little comment on race here that’s been mentioned a little in the last few news blips and that I’m sure will get plenty of discussion time in the next 24 hours of news cycles. Obama, a black man, won in “corn fed, white bread” Iowa. While racism and its ill effects still exist in some small pockets of America and should not be discounted as a negative force in people’s lives, I think that this says a lot about how colorblind the nation really is. At least, one can always hope so.

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 Post updated 1/4/08 at 9:30 EST with newer graphs to show final results.